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Course Description   

Equipment design is vital in every industry. Correct design of equipment affects CAPEX and later OPEX, efficiency of equipment. This skills is an integral part of a chemical and mechanical enigneers training. However very few engineers actually engage in detail design in their careers. Front end and Detailed design is an specialized discipline in EPC companies.


This course is unique as in it walks an engineer with processs and procedures used in the industry's actual work place to do the detailed design. Apart from that the students acquire an understanding of both the theorectical method aand practical issues and considerations in desinging of an equipment eg, cost wise, corrosion issues, space availability issues,  process issues and technical design issues specific to each process. The course will also provide rules of thumb and common sense techniques and calculation method to be able to quickly solve day-to-day design problems.


Training Methodology


This training course is made up of a combination of:

·         Lectures

·         Video Presentations

·         Interactive Training Sessions/Practical Exercises

·         Group Discussion   


Who Should attend?

This course is intended for those concerned with the process plant performance and efficiency including planning staff, instrumentation & control staff, production & operation staff, process, electrical, mechanical and project engineers, panel operator, engineer and supervisor. Management can also appreciate the importance of the new tools available to achieve the plant objectives of today and meet the challanges of tomorrow  


Course Outline  


Day 1

  1. Roles & Responsibilities Of Process Design Engineer

  2. Different phases of Project Execution

  3. Overview of Upstream Oil And Gas Industry

  4. Introduction To ASME Codes & Standards

  5. Fluid Phase Behavior


  7. Overview And Scope Of Piping Design

  8. Line Sizing And Hydraulic

  9. Piping Fundamentals

  10. Piping System Components

  11. Piping System / Standard Piping Details

  12. Valves, Flanges & Gaskets

  13. Process Plant Layout & Engineering

  14. Pipe Routing & Drafting


Day 2

  • Introduction To Process Equipment

  • Equipment Layouts, data sheets, layouts

  • Design Of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

  • Design Of Air Cooled Heat Exchangers



Day 3

  • Design of Distillation Columns

  • Design of Absorbers

  • Desing of  Separators (3 phase, 2 phase, scrubbers etc)

  • Design of Storage Tanks


Day 4

  • Flare System Design

  • Pump sizing and selection

  • Fundamentals And Selection Of Compressors

  • Fundamental Of Boiler /Fired Heater Sizing


Day 5

  • Design  Of Cooling Towers

  • HAZOP & Process Safety

  • Cause & Effect Analysis

  • Process Control Design

  • Process Simulations

  • Equipment Cost estimation

  • Material of Construction Considerations


  1. In AbuDhabi  on 15th February 2016

  2. In Jubail, KSA on 15th March 2016

  3. In Almaty, Kazakhastan on 15th April 2016

  4. In Istanbul, Turkey on 15th May 2016

  5. In Kualalumpur, Malaysia 15th June 2016

  6. In England, UK 15th August 2016

  7. In Edmonton, Canada 15th October 2016

  8. In Dubai, UAE 15th November 2016


Course Price: US$ 2100.00/-

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