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Gas Processing Trainings

Our gas processing course is tailored to your specific plant process and personnel training/competency requirements to ensure practical impact of training in your plant operations and plant profitability. 


We offer Basic to intermediate and advanced level of general public courses at over over a dozen locations worldwide.


The Gas Processing course covers process and equipment engineering and practical operations for processing of natural gas and associated liquids.



Course Strategy:


Course Starts with basics which includes:


  • An overview of gas production and processes involved.

  • An overview of equipment involved.

  • An overview of gas/liquids petroleum properties and

  • Basics yet essential chemical engineering fundamentals required in plant operations



We then start to get into more details which includes:


  • Equipment details and principles of operations

  • Equipement variables and affects on equipment perofmrance and overall plant processs.

  • Process principles involved and operating variables which includes distilaltion, hydrates inhibtion, dehydration technology and varioables etc....




Having covered the basics we now train in how to apply in daily plant operation training:


  • Operating variables of each process and its effects on overall gas production and individual plants.

  • Process optimization

  • Process control and advanced process control, how to troublesoote process issues with control, how to differential between process/equipment and control problems.

  • Practical Hands-on training with OTS to reinforce teh knowledge and test trainee skills.

  • Training in how to maximize production, increase operation stability, minimize utility to maximize efficiency in gas processes.




LNG Value chain 


We provide list of courses in LNG Value chain 

LNG value chain basics

LNG Contracts across value chain

LNG Shipping,

 LNG Gasification and Liquifaction





Gas Processing Course Dates:  

In AbuDhabi  on 15th February 2016

In Jubail, KSA on 15th March 2016

In Almaty, Kazakhastan on 15th April 2016

In Istanbul, Turkey on 15th May 2016

In Kualalumpur, Malaysia 15th June 2016

In England, UK 15th August 2016

In Edmonton, Canada 15th October 2016

In Dubai, UAE 15th November 2016


Course Price: US$ 2100.00/-




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