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 Course Description


Heat Exchangers are devices that facilitate the exchange of heat between two fluids which are at different temperatures while keeping them from mixing with each other. In this latter way they differ from mixing chambers. In the industrial engineering sector an understanding of the subject of Heat Exchangers is assuming greater importance, since the subject plays a crucially important role in the design, operation and maintenance in areas such as heating and air-conditioning systems, vehicle engineering, power plants, refrigeration and chemical and industrial process engineering.


The course covers all aspects of the subject of Heat Exchangers from a mechanical viewpoint using lots of examples from current industrial practice with their associated problems whilst minimizing the use of mathematics.


Extensive discussions are included on the numerous types of heat exchangers encountered in industrial plants and the subject is developed through the basic engineering approach by using a wide range of examples of real problems which are typical of those encountered in various industries.


The delegate should have no difficulty in understanding this course, since the principles of heat transfer which are applied to this topic are seen to be based very much on our everyday experiences and observations. The absence of mathematically intimidating material will help too.



Course Objectives


To provide the delegate with a detailed knowledge of the principles and engineering practice of the subject of heat exchangers in the following areas:


  1. Types of heat exchangers

  2. Principles of heat transfer applied to different types

  3. Design of heat exchangers

  4. Industrial problem areas and solutions

  5. Improvement in heat exchanger efficiency


The topics are presented in such a way that the mathematical treatment of the subject is minimized and the more important issues of design, operation and good practice are highlighted.


Course Certificate

Process & Control Associates Consultant certificate will be issued to all attendees completing minimum of 75% of the total tuition hours of the course


Who should attend?


Practicing engineers from the mechanical, chemical and process industrial areas who have an interest in understanding and improving their knowledge of the subject of heat exchangers so as facilitate an improvement in the efficiency of plant processes.


Plant operators, designers and managers will find this course of crucial importance not only to enhance their awareness of the conservation of both local and international energy resources, but also to provide the plant with more efficient means of heat exchange.


Course Outline


  1.  Fundamentals of Heat Transfer


.          Conduction

.          Convection

.          Radiation

2.    Fundamentals of Heat Transfer

·              Temperature

·              Counter Flow: Double Pipe Exchangers

3.    Fundamentals of Heat Transfer

·              Indirect Heaters

·              Fire tube / Bath

·              Bath / Coil

4.    Case Studies

5.    Shell & tube exchangers

·              Effective temperature difference

·              Overall heat transfer co-efficient

·              Performance evaluation

·              Components

6.    Shell & tube exchangers

Operating characteristics

.           Gas/Gas

7.    Shell & tube exchangers

             Operating Characteristics

          .            Gas / Condensate

          .            Gas Chillers

8.    Case Studies

9.    Shell and Tube Exchanger

           Operating Characteristics

           Refrigerant / Condensate Cooler

           Refrigerant Sub-Cooler

.          Reboilers and Vaporizers


                 .   Thermo siphon

                 .   Pump around



                 . Partial

                 . Total

10.  Shell and Tube Exchangers

            Operating Characteristics


12.  Case Studies

13.  Shell and Tube Exchangers

·              Pressure Drop

·              Vibration

·              TEMA

14.  Hair Pin Heat Exchangers


15.  Tank Heaters


16.  Plate Fin Exchangers Plate Frame Exchangers


17.  Printed Circuit Exchangers


18.  Case Studies



  1. In AbuDhabi  on 15th February 2016

  2. In Jubail, KSA on 15th March 2016

  3. In Almaty, Kazakhastan on 15th April 2016

  4. In Istanbul, Turkey on 15th May 2016

  5. In Kualalumpur, Malaysia 15th June 2016

  6. In England, UK 15th August 2016

  7. In Edmonton, Canada 15th October 2016

  8. In Dubai, UAE 15th November 2016


Course Price: US$ 2100.00/-


Heat Exchanger Design, Operation, Inspection, Mainteanance and Troubleshooting Course


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