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Our range of process optimization services and softwares for plant process optimization, operational stability and profits maximization.


We provide independent analysis on what needs to be done to achive more profits. This analysis is sometimes free. and then we plant with you to achive it.


This includes control and automation solutions, software soutions, minor shutdown works to debottlneck etc.


Profits rise from 0.5%-20% have been acheived in some of our projects.


  • Primary Process Control Tuning/ Design Optimization

  • Advanced Regulatory Control Design & Implementation

  • Mass/Energy/Momentum Balance Validation and Reconciliation

  • Software to determine which insturments have lost calibration or have errors and bias and needs to be checked.

  • Are you limited in your maximum production due to heating or colling duty of a heat exchanger or fin fan cooler? send us your data sheet and we will tell you how much more can we help to squeeze through.

  • Are there allot of oscillations in and movement in your process as seen in DCS panel? we can help you to stabilize opertions

  • Gasoline & Diesel Blending Indices


and much more...


For A Free consultancy visit to your plant drop us your contact by mailing us at




  • PITOPS: System Identification and PID TuningSimulation, Advanced control design and implementation

  • SIMCET: Real-Time PID Performance Simulation and optimization, Testing & Teaching.

  • APROMON: Online Real Timelant Wide PID control monitoring, diagnostic and troublehsooting

  • Reconcile Pro: Mass, Energy, Momentum Balance & Reconciliation

  • Opertaor Advisory: Prompts Operator with messages once a certain operating conditions are reached.

  • Crude Blend Scheduling Software and services





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