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Our courses are truly unique and fills the industry knowledge gap by developing solid practical understanding of the fundamentals of process industry practically without any academic jargon or getting unnecessarily complex and mathematical.


Our training will guaranteed make you perform exceptionally well in any control room of any process that you go and make a difference.


Our training incorporates many oil and gas processes ranging from all refinery units, all gas processing plant etc. we endorse knowledge using real time process simulators


“I Enjoyed every moment of the course, and learned allot!"

Abdullah Dossary / Chemist / SAMREF

“I have never seen such a professor who has all great training tools at his finger tips, the course gave me what i really need to do my daily works"

Makasar / Project Engineer / Dragon Oil

Featured Course

Process Optimization


Learn methods and principles of optimizing any process in industry. Various techniques and application are incorporated including batch polymer processes.

Featured Course

Maintenance  Optimization Training

Learn how to lead your plant maintenance department to excellence while optimizing costs and increasing reliability.


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