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Reverse Osmosis

Operations & maintenance


Reverse Osmosis Plant Training

Course Outline:

The Reverse Osmosis Operations and Maintenance Course debunks years of experience and know-how of RO Plants in nutshell.

The course is applicable for RO Plants in desalination and/or Brackish water processing services

This course is focused on O&M not design so that the operators and maintenance professional get exact excellence procedures which they can apply directly at plant site after taking the course.

We take you through the full analysis and characterization or water quality, its contents, its foulants and its impacts, types and frequency of analysis needed for O&M effectiveness

Following the water quality analysis we take you into details of various methods of pre-treatment and how to operate, maintenance, monitor performance and troubleshoot.

After completing the session in Pre-treatment we initiate the discussion on RO membrane types and RO membrane system operations and maintenance. we discuss all ways the membrane can get fouled and how to avoid that. We discuss performance monitoring and troubleshooting methods as well as fouled membrane diagnosis.

Post Treatment and brine management methods are fully discussed prior to end of the course.

The course is packed with fun learning methods and interactivity that enhances learning.

Course Certification:

Certificate is issued after successful course completion and learning assessment

Yearly Schedule:

  • January : Dammam

  • March : Bahrain

  • May: Pakistan

  • June: Malaysia

  • August: Istanbul

  • November : Dubai

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