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Apex Scheduling decision support system integrates with input data sources as well as scheduling models within existing scheduler to provide you with:

1) Optimum Cutpoints or operating variables

2) Optimum Yields

3) Optimum Movement Schedules

4) Optimum Blend recipes & Schedules

5) Optimum Lifting plans

6) Optimum Feed blend & rates

We provide modelling services for scheduling softwares, encompassing software implementation, model creation, upkeep, enhancement, validation, and training. Our proficiency extends to a range of prominent systems, including: 

  • Aspen Tech PIMS, APS, and MBO

Our modeling efforts cater to diverse needs, covering:

  • Entire refineries or specific process units

  • Complete petrochemical plants or individual process units

  • Renewable Fuels facilities

We harness multiple data sources to inform our models:

  • Crude assay data

  • Plant-specific data

  • Results of test-runs

  • Simulation models

  • Our repository of historical models (RA Model Archive)

The maintenance of our models includes activities such as Backcasting, thorough Auditing, and meticulous Unit Model Validation.

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