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REal-Time Data REconciliation

Real-Time Online Linear & Non-Linear Data Reconciliation solutions

Scheduling Twin

Optimize the supply chain and avert incidents with real time scheduling optimizer.

Planning Assurance

Take your planning to next level of accuracy.

Performance mgt

Monitor your profits and losses in real time to elevate to next level of performance

maintenance optimization

Minimize downstime, reactive wors, & maintenance costs with maitnenance optimization solutions

value chain optimization

End to End Value Chain optimization in real time

system integration

System integration services include integration of APS, PIMS, meridium etc database extraction to form a data-lake.

Plant Digital Twins

Unit optimization using digital twins. squeeze the last dollar out of your assets!

advanced process control Services

We provide feasibility, front end, conceptual design and revamp designs to maximize value from APC

Process Stabilization

We reduce process variability to improve product quality, reduce costs and downtime using PID tuning optimization

Inter-unit coordination 

Multi-unit real time optimizers that 'talk' to each other and make intelligent decisions in real-time


  • Product quality estimators using AI, ML & predictive/prescriptive analytics

  • Product quality control

  • Evolutionary operations

  • Opportunity loss and gap to potential assessment.

  • Training services


Various benchmarking solutions for energy, process, maintenance, supply chain etc


we provide integrated KPI solutions for all functions from refinery planning, operations, equipment, maintenance, scheduling, oil accounting etc.

business process engineering

Business process mis-alignment causes margin leaks...lets identify measure & fix it.

enterprise digital architect

lets design your corporate to continuously achieve maximum value for enterprise

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