Water & Waste Water Treatment Course

Course Description


Water is a very valuable and vital commodity, althouhg its not often thought to be. We consume water, waste it, discard it, pollute it, poison it and relentlessly modify the hydrological cycles with total disregard to the consequences. Too many people, too little water, water in the wrong place and in wrong amount. With passage of time potable water will become more and more valuable. In water supply systems, the historical or traditional approach has been to control turbidity, iron and manganese, taste and odor, color and coliforms. New regulations provided new focus thus a paradigm shift. Today the traditional approach is no longer sufficient. Providing acceptable water has become more sophisticated and costly. To meet the requirements of the new paradigm, a systems approach must be employed. In the systems approach, all components are interrelated. What affects one impacts the other.This course is intended to train operators in the latest technology and operational techniques in water and waste water treatment plant.
Who Should attend?  

   People who are making day to day decisions regarding operation, design, maintenance, and economics of process industry plants.      • An engineer or chemist who must troubleshoot and solve distillation problems in a plant, an engineering office or laboratory.   • Technical Engineers, Operating Engineers, Process Support Personnel, Chemist, and Managers    

• Engineering graduates/technologists who will be using simulation software in their daily work.    

• Technical Process engineers doing process design and optimization projects and studies that need who need advanced skills for more complex modeling tasks.     

• Plant Operation Support Engineers checking plant performance under different operating conditions, and who are involved in design of new facilities or revamps of existing facilities.   

• R&D engineers and researchers using process simulators for process synthesis, upgrade or modifications.    

• Ideal for veterans and those with only a few years of experience who want to review or broaden their understanding of process safety.  

• Other professionals who desire a better understanding of the subject matter.   

Course Outline  



    Day One         

  • Basic Water & Waste water Math Operations

  • Area, Volume, Specific Gravity, Force, Pressure, Head

  • Flow Calculations

  • Detention Time

  • Hydraulic Detection Time

  • Chemical Dosage Calculations

  • Percent Removal

  • Population Eqvt or Unit loading Factor

  • Percent Volatile Matter Reduction in Sludge

  • Chemical Coagulation and Sedimentation

  • Filtration

  • Water Distribution Systems Calculations

  • Complex Conversions

  • Water Source Calculations

  • Mass Balance and Measuring Plant Performance

  • Mass Balance for Settling Tanks

  • Mass Balance using BOD removal

  • Plant Performance and Efficiency

  • Unit Process Performance Efficiency

  • Percent Volatile Matter Reduction in Sludge


    Day Two        

  • Preliminary Treatment Calculations

  • Primary Treatment Calculations

  • Trickling Filters

  • Rotating Biological Contractors

  • Activated BioSolidsTreatment Ponds

  • Chemical Dosing

  • Biosolids Dewatering

  • Biosolids Disposal

  • Water/Wastewater Laboratory calculations

  • Introduction to Plant Drawings:

  • Hydraulic and Pnematic Drawings

  • Electrical Drawings

  • AC & Refregiration Drawings

  • Piping Systems Schematics

  • Piping Hydraulics

  • Water/Waste Water Pumps

  • Water/Waste Water Piping systems

  • Water/Waste Water Valves

  • Water/Waste Water Protective Devices

  • Water/Waste Water Piping systems


    Day Three        

  • Basic Water Chemistry

  • Water Microbiology

  • Water Ecology

  • Water Quality

  • Bio-monitoring, Monitoring, Sampling & testing


    Day Four        

  • Potable Water Source and protection

  • Water Treatment Plant Operations

  • Stages of Water Treatment

  • Pretreatment

  • Coagulation

  • Sedimentation

  • Filtration

  • Disinfection

  • Arsenic Removal from Drinking Water


    Day Five        

  • Waste Water Treatment

  • Wastewater Treatment Process Model

  • Wastewater Sources and characteristics

  • Wastewater collection systems

  • wet-well pumping station calculations

  • Preliminary Treatment

  • Primary Treatment

  • Secondary Treatment

  • Activated Sludge

  • Disinfection of water

  • Advanced Wastewater Treatment

  • Enhanced Biological Nutrient Removal

  • Solids Handling

  • Permits, Records and Reports



  1. In AbuDhabi  on 15th February 2016

  2. In Jubail, KSA on 15th March 2016

  3. In Almaty, Kazakhastan on 15th April 2016

  4. In Istanbul, Turkey on 15th May 2016

  5. In Kualalumpur, Malaysia 15th June 2016

  6. In England, UK 15th August 2016

  7. In Edmonton, Canada 15th October 2016

  8. In Dubai, UAE 15th November 2016


Course Price: US$ 2100.00/-

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